Uplevel Your Dream Event with Senchune's Bespoke Elixir Latte Bar

Our bespoke elixir latte bar elevates your event with artfully crafted latte elixirs. Currently in Austin, Texas


Curated for Every Occasion:

Tailored to your vision

We collaborate closely to understand your event's theme and curate a selection of exquisite elixirs that seamlessly blend with your unique aesthetic.

Delicious & Health Focused:

Blended by Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Kayla Clarke, we combine premium, whole-food ingredients like adaptogenic herbs, nourishing mushrooms, and potent botanicals with traditional spices and profiles, pushing the edge between traditional and gourmet.

An Uplevelled Touch: 

It's all in the details. Our latte bar adds a potent differentiator of sophistication and elegance to your event.

Perfect For:

Retreats and Trainings


Events and Workshops

Summits and Conferences


Social gatherings

Private parties

Let's create something special together.

Contact us today to discuss how Senchune Elixir Bar can add a touch of wellness and delight to your next event.

Inquiries: hello@senchune.com