Senchune Elixirs

The Quick Story

Senchune Superfood Elixirs are meant to uplevel your self care ritual. Our powdered latte blends are intentionally crafted with superfoods that mix modern botanical science with ancient tradition. Just dissolve in hot water, add desired sweetener, mix with hot or cold milk of choice, and enjoy! Each flavour was meticulously crafted by Dr. Kayla Clarke, ND, who selected intentional high-quality ingredients for their synergy - creating no-nonsense elixirs that taste amazing while nourishing your body, mind, and soul.

The more Interesting Story:

Welcome to Senchune Elixirs, my passion project that embodies who I am in every facet. Growing up as a native of the Pacific Northwest in a multicultural family that encompassed European, Chinese, and Goan heritage, I was infused with a rich tapestry of cultural influences that shaped my identity. 

In university, I started working at a fancy coffee shop, fell in love with cafe culture and became a coffee snob. (I had to be able to taste a cup of coffee and tell you exactly where in the world it came from, be able to correct and calibrate a less than perfect espresso shot, and create microfoamed milk so glossy you could see your face).

It was amazing to learn, but, ironically, I learned I didn’t like coffee at all. It was too bitter for me.

As I continued my journey through life, I ended up in Naturopathic Medical School, learning modern functional medicine, advanced herbalism and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Combining my multicultural upbringing, love for trendy, bespoke cafes, passion for being in the kitchen, and naturopathic medical education, Senchune Elixirs was born.

Our powdered latte blends are intentionally crafted with superfoods that blend modern botanical science with ancient tradition. I meticulously select high-quality ingredients for their synergy, creating no-nonsense elixirs that taste amazing while nourishing your body, mind, and soul.

My ultimate goal is to inspire modern humans to take responsibility and sovereignty over thier lives, starting with our health and bodies. Make wellness your ritual and life your medicine.

Thank you for joining me on this journey at Senchune Elixirs. 

-Dr Kayla Clarke, ND

Functional Medicine

The Senchune Wellness Collective is a coming together of like minded humans; we are paradigm shifters, creative forces, and mountain movers. Our mission is to help modern people align their intuition with their physiology, strive for not only health but vitality, & connect with a community of conscious beings who are working to create a better earth. Learn more about Functional Health and working  with Dr. Kayla Clarke, ND


Senchune (xīnchūn)

The name "Senchune" isn't just a trendy sounding word. 

Senchune (xīnchūn) is a Cantonese word that means "new spring."

My family is part Chinese and we all were given Chinese as well as English names. My grandpa would always call my mom by her Chinese name, which in English was "Senchune".

It is a name that is rich in symbolism and meaning. For me, the name Senchune represents a new beginning. It is a reminder that I am always growing and evolving, and that I have the power to create a new beginnings in my life, no matter what challenges I face.